A Friendly and Helpful Association

Les enfant de Frankie Association has been working since 1997 for the well-being of sick, disabled, psychically distressed or precarious children aged 1 to 18 in Monaco and France.

150.0000 children have benefited from funded activities and projects.

The Association has developed in Monaco as a result of Mrs. Francien Giraudi, Founding President and full time volunteer, as well as the important support of the Princely Family.

It obtained recognition from the United Nations by becoming a Member of the Economic and Social Council in 2008. 

It works in collaboration with more than 200 organisations such as hospitals, social services, Hospices and Medico Educational Institutes.

Its main objective is to help children in need to blossom. Every month, many children participate in outings and workshops organised by the Association in Monaco. On a daily basis, the purchase of medical equipment, development of orphanages or the distribution of foods help to give them a better future. Once a year, the Frankie Association invites thousands of children around "Noël de Frankie" for a Live Show with the participation of the mascot clown "Frankie" and the distribution of Christmas gifts and snacks for everyone.